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Grab these 30 Easter Gifts for your Boyfriend Now!!

Last Updated : Feb 26, 2024 @ 11:02 am

Easter Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Easter approaches. So what Easter gifts will you be getting for boyfriends?

For simplicity, let us just use the term “boyfriend” for all your gift recipients, though you can still use this list for your father, cousin, nephew, grandfather, husband or any male colleague or friend.

There are so many gifts to choose from. Everyone is different. So how do you know which Easter gift is perfect for your special guy?

Here, we have compiled a list of 30 Easter gift ideas for your boyfriend based on the Five Love Languages personality types by Gary Chapman, Ph.D. You may get to listen to the audiobook for FREE.

First, you need to trick your boyfriend to take this simple quiz in order to determine his personality type. Since everyone has different degrees of the 5 Love language personalities in them, you may just focus on the top 2 most dominant love languages (unless there are more love languages that have the same scores) and pick the most appropriate gift/s for him using the recommended guide below.

The 5 Love Languages are:

Physical Touch

Your boyfriend feels deeply loved when he receives physical signs of love, for example hugging, kissing, touching and intimacy. These acts will create a powerful emotional bond between him and yourself.So what can you do to show you love him? 

  • Kiss him and hug him when you meet him in the morning
  • Hold his hands when you go on a stroll with your boyfriend whenever possible. Please do not start holding his hands when he is driving, ya - car repair bills are not cheap.
  • For married couples - encourage intimacy whenever appropriate.

So what gifts are appropriate for your boyfriend with “Physical Touch”? What attributes in a gift are we looking for?

  • A gift that both can use together hence increasing opportunities for physical touch
  • A gift that encourages intimacy between both of you
  • A gift or activity (?) that encourages hugging, kissing and touching

Here are 6 Gift Ideas for those bearing the love language of "Physical Touch":

bath bomb webp

Bomb Bath

Bomb Bath

A great sensory experience for both of you in the bathtub. The foam, the smell and the touch will quickly escalate to intimacy, making this a fantastic session for you and your boyfriend.

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massage oil webp
Massage Oil

Body Massage Oil

Your boyfriend will love your sensual touch as you massage him on his back and body. It will be one of his most memorable sessions in his lifetime. Try it!

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foot mask webp

Foot Mask

Foot Mask

Your boyfriend will love this sensual experience when you massage his foot as you apply the foot mask for him. Plan a session when both of you apply the foot mask for each other. He will love it!

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throw blanket webp

Funny Throw Blanket

Funny Throw Blanket

Won't it be great for you and your boyfriend to snuggle under a Funny Throw Blanket in the cold winter night? 

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cooking webp

Cooking Together


Cooking is the best activity you can have with your boyfriend. It gives you tons of opportunity for physical touch, hugs and kisses.  Otherwise, enroll as a pair in a cooking class. Try it!

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back scratcher webp

Back Scratcher

Telescopic Back Scratcher

This Elegant Telescopic Back Scratcher is the most ideal for your man. You can always use this instrument to help him scratch his back and provide all sensory touch to keep him happy!

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Quality Time

Your boyfriend feels deeply loved when you show interest in his company, holding meaningful conversations, active listening and just being present for him and for him alone. There should be no distraction during this shared activity especially with phone calls or television. Your expressed interests in giving your undivided attention to him will truly warm his heart. So what can you do to show that you love him?

  • Go on dates alone together with him to the nice cosy and quiet cafe without phone of tv
  • Plan recreational activities that both can play together eg. skating, bowling, taking a cooking course, playing 2 player board games or video games
  • Spend time with him to do something together - paint the house, cook together, watch tv shows/movie alone together, a staycation with only two of you etc

 So what attributes are we looking for in the gifts for your boyfriend who has the love language of “Quality Time”?

  • A gift that allows the both of you to be doing something together
  • A gift that allows focussed play that involves only two of you
  • A gift that allows deep conversation to know and understand each other better 

Here are 6 Easter Gift Ideas to improve your quality time with your boyfriend.

board game webp

Playing Board Games

Board Game

There are many board games in the market but this game for 2 will help both of you to relax and have fun getting to know each other more intimately

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toasting wine glasses

Wine Glass Set

Champagne Glass Set

Spend your romantic evening together with your man, drinking champagne with these elegant glasses and some cake. 

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indoor tent webp

Indoor Camping

Giant Indoor Teepee

What other special way to spent super quality time with your partner than to set up your own romantic huge teepee indoors? Then grab your champagne, cake and pop-corn for movie night..

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bike wheel lights webp

Excursion on Bicycles

Biking Excursion

Plan a bike trail excursion for the day and spend quality time with your partner.

Get Two of these awesome bikes if you don't have any and go for that biking excursion!

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Camping or Backpacking

Spend time together outdoors backpacking or camping will help both of you to know each other more. But first, let's start off with a bag to carry your stuff..

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travel overseas

Travel Overseas

Travel Overseas

If you have the budget, plan a trip together since COVID has waned with many countries opening up their borders. Make this a special trip for both of you alone together. 

Words of Affirmation

Your boyfriend will feel deeply loved when you cover him with words of love and affirmation for him. This can take the form of either verbal or written. Words of compliments, appreciation and affection like “I love you” mean a lot to your boyfriend. So do say, write or text him with these praises or compliments more often, ya.

So what attributes are we looking for in gifts that are appropriate for this love language?

  • Gifts that have inscriptions - inspiration proverbs/quotes or word of encouragements
  • Gift that are personalised (clothes, stationary etc) with your words of affection for him
  • Erect giant signs or pictures to celebrate major events like anniversary placed in the front door/yard/garden before he comes into the house

Here are 6 recommended gift ideas for your boyfriend.

sundial engraved webpSundial Compass

Sundial Compass

A great personalised gift for your boyfriend. Customize the love message for him with this elegant piece.

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wine set webp

Whiskey Glass Set

Personalised Whiskey Glass Set

Your boyfriend will appreciate this customized gift with words of affirmation, especially if his passion is liquor

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clockwatch webp

Quartz Pocket Watch

Quartz Pocket Watch

This elegant pocket watch will make an excellent gift for your man. Customise your love message for him.

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Personalised Engraved Watch webp

Personalised Engraved Watch

Personliased Engraved Watch

A great gift for your male friend with engraved words of affirmation.

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personalised clock webp

Desk Photo Clock

Personalised Photo Desk Clock

An excellent customised wooden photo desk clock with words of affirmation that he will love.

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keychain personalised webp

Personalised Key Chain

Personalised Key Chain

This solid Key Chain will constantly reaffirm your love for him and make him feel loved.

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Acts of Service

Your boyfriend strongly believes that “action speaks louder than words”. He feels loved when you go out of your way to do something meaningful for him -  tasks or chores that matter. Tasks need not be complicated or difficult. Example :

  • Making his favourite breakfast or just coffee for him every morning
  • Bringing him soup or pamper him with his favourite snack when he is sick
  • Picking up his repaired laptop or dry cleaning when he is busy at work

So what sort of gift can we buy for your boyfriend who is strong in “Acts of Service”?

The gifts should have the following attributes:

  • A gift that you can use on him to show your love
  • A customised gift that he can use to do something that he loves 
  • A gift that will pamper him in terms of comfort or desire

Here are 6 recommended gifts for your boyfriend.

coupon webp Love Coupons

Love Coupons

Love coupon is a great way for couples to build their relationship and have fun. You create memories when the acts of services have been redeemed. Give it a try!

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mud mask webp

Mud Mask

Mud Mask

Applying the mud mask on your boyfriend will make him feel loved. 

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expresso-machineExpresso Machine

Expresso Machine

Why not make your boyfriend a freshly brewed cup of coffee or cappuccino every morning? He will love you for it!

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sandwich makeSandwich Maker

Sandwich Maker

This great tool not only allows you to make fantastic breakfast for your boyfriend, it also allows him to show his love for others as well.

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robot cleanerRobot Cleaner

Robot Cleaner

Your boyfriend performs acts of service to show his love, like house chores. If that's him, he will greatly appreciate your gift for him.

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soup maker

Soup Maker

Soup Maker

Making great soup and smoothie for him will make him feel loved! He can also use your gift to make soup for his loved ones too! Great gift! 

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Receiving Gifts

Your boyfriend with the love language of “Receiving Gifts” will feel deeply loved when you present to him meaningful physical gifts as symbols of your love. The gift need not be expensive but it should be thoughtful. So what should you do for him to show this love language?

  • Think and buy a gift that he really needs in life eg. a nice shirt knowing that his last one was torn.
  • Personalised or DIY gifts are the best because, to your friend, “it’s the thought that counts

So what attributes are we looking for in gifts that bear the “Receiving Gifts” love language?

  • Gifts that are meaningful and thoughtful to your boyfriend
  • Gifts that are personalised eg. cup with his name or face
  • Gifts that is your friend’s favourite food or relating to sports character, game etc 

neck shoulder massagerNeck Back Massager

Neck & Back Massager

A rejuvenating experience for your man. This gift will help your hardworking boyfriend to relax.

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personalised blanketPersonalised Blanket

Personalised Blanket

A personalised blanket that will remind him of your love for him. A great gift for both of you to snuggle under in winter.

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3d holographic photo

3D Holographic Photo

3d Holographic Photo

A fantastic gift to remind him of your love for him. It also makes a nice talking centre piece in your house. 

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moon lampMoon Lamp

Moon Lamp

An elegant and romantic moon lamp to express your love. It is a unique gift and he will be even more ecstatic if he is into astronomy!

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customised pen

Ball Point Pen

Ball Point Pen

An exquisite gift for him to show off at his workplace. He'll surely love it.

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socks webpGaming Socks

Gaming Socks

Most guys are gamers! Your guy is likely a gamer too! So unless you get him the latest favourite game, why not help him with the next best thing? A pair of gaming socks..

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That's all I have for now! I hope your boyfriend loves the Easter Gifts recommended above.

You may also want to know more about the True meaning of Easter and Easter Quotes.

In the meantime, Have a Blessed Easter!

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