paul tan

As a curator of proverbs and quotes, my sole goal is to collect and share meaningful and inspiring quotes and proverbs that can help you achieve success and find meaning in your life. 

I am also curious about the world around us. So sometimes you may find some in depth research about bizarre events happening around us and how we are all connected physically or even spiritually.. 

I enjoy talking to the elderly and asking them to share their life experiences with me. The old folks loved to tell me their stories. But my one and sole inspiration comes from the bible.

I have lived my life based on the Book of Proverbs found in the bible. It has sustained me throughout my early teens to adulthood and brought me closer to God. I am hardly perfect but I strive to be better every day. The book helped me to steer out of trouble in my life. I guess I have been blessed.

Do you have a personal quote or motto in life?

A personal quote or motto is a phrase, sentence, proverb, or quotation which you believe in and live by. 

You could write your own or borrow your personal quote from someone else; someone you admire or bear the same beliefs as you do.

So what are my personal quotes? 

My dad inspired me with his favourite quote in his golden years before he was plagued with dementia - "Life is short." 

I added the rest to make it more complete and meaningful.

"Life is short.. so cherish those around you while you still can.."

And for success in life, my school motto..

"Hardwork Achieves Success" - Assumption English School

What personal quote or motto do you have?

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