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21 New Easter Activities & Games for your Family & Friends in 2023

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    Have you played any of these 21 Easter activities & games before?

    The Easter holiday is one of the best times for families and friends to come together and have some fun. After your Easter greeting, you would be looking to play some memorable Easter activities with your loves ones.

    Here are 21 Exciting Easter Activities & Fun Ideas that you can adopt and play when your relatives and friends gather at your house for Easter Lunch or Dinner. This collection of Easter games can be played indoors and outdoors and are suitable for preschoolers, teenages, adults and even the elderly, as long as there is adult supervision for the very young children. 

    All the game elements and printables that you need for these Easter games & activities can be found in the EFG Package 2022 (Easter Fun Games)

    Ok. Let's start with your infamous..

    Easter Activities - The Egg Hunt

    Easter Activities

    The Egg Hunt is the classic activity played by many during Easter. Why not? It’s fun especially for the young kids. So in what ways can we make the classic egg hunt more interesting?

    #1 Easter Activity - Classic Egg Hunt for kids (5-10 years old)

    The classic Egg hunt involves children hunting for eggs hidden in the garden or house.

    • Best to use either coloured plastic eggs or painted hard-boiled eggs so that it will not be too messy when they drop or throw at each other. You may also consider using painted hollowed out  egg-shells and seal them with tape after putting sweets in them.
    • Place as many different coloured sweets into each egg. Each  coloured sweet represents a score. The highest score wins another big prize eg. a cake
    • Depending on the age of your kids, place your coloured eggs in locations that they can reach. They should not climb to reach the eggs (safety concern).
    • Gather the kids, give them  a container/basket each and immerse them with a story. And kids love stories!!The story will give them a purpose to the egg hunt activity. You may customise the simple story below:

    “Help! The Easter Bunny is in trouble! He tripped and dropped his baskets of eggs! All his eggs, all 50 of them, rolled out of the basket and magically hid themselves in this house (room /location). The Easter Bunny needs your help! He is crying now because he still has to deliver these last 50 eggs to the children at the children's hospital.  He only has 30 minutes to find all the 50 eggs before they magically fade away.

    Will you help the Easter Bunny? Will you help him find these 50 magical Easter eggs before it's too late?“ 

    When telling stories, use varying tones and emotions to inject excitement and urgency in the kids. You can listen to this sample narration of the above story or create your own voice.

    • if there are more than 10 children playing, you can make it more interesting by grouping the kids into teams. Appoint older children in the group as captains. 
    • Start and end the game using a blow horn or whistle. 
    • Once all the eggs have been collected, gather the kids and tally the results. Use a scoreboard to track the number of eggs and bonus points for teamwork.
    • Idea#1 - allow young kids to apply colour matching and counting skills as they sort and count the sweets/items from each egg into their different colours 
    • Idea#2 - allow the kids to apply their mathematical skills or teach them how to tally up points based on coloured sweets collected
    • Idea#3 - award bonus points based on good values like kindness and helpfulness observed during the game.
    • Idea#4 - include a time limit in your story or scenario to add urgency and teamwork.
    • Idea#5 - if playing in teams, have each team create a team name, flag, song/cheer or motto for bonus points. Then encourage each team to perform their song for additional bonus points. Record the performance on video for posterity.
    • Idea#6 - for a more interesting twist, you can then change the theme to an arena fighting mode after the egg hunt. The team/individual chooses an avatar eg. barbarian, knight, thief or mage and spent the points achieved to purchase armor, weapons and spells. The objective is for both (team/individuals) to defeat the final boss creature cooperatively or teams/individuals to battle each other until the last man standing. It is another full game. If you are interested, please do email me at paultan@proverbsquotes.com or let me know in the comments below. 

    #2 Easter Activity -Treasure Hunt with clues in eggs (for older kids/adults)

    Instead of just sweets inside each egg, we now hide a piece of paper with clues to the location for the next egg. The number of eggs used will depend on the number of the locations. You may start the game giving them the first clue using a hidden message or with a treasure map or an alternative paper Easter egg to include clues. This is included in EFG package 2022.

    • Idea#7 - work in teams of 3-5 per team may be more fun as it becomes more competitive.
    • Idea#8 - you may motivate players with appropriate incentives like food, cash or mild alcoholic drinks (only for adults) as reward
    • Idea#9 -  clues may include family jokes or nicknames. For example, my family nicknamed me “frog” because of my size when I was younger. My family used the following clue for the next egg location - “..from where the green amphibian sleeps.. walk 3 steps facing north..
    • Idea#9 - You may use invisible ink (lemon juice on paper) messages to hide your clues. Let me know if you need examples of how these can be incorporated in your games.
    • Idea#10 - Add a letter in each egg. The team will use these letters to form a word or phrase that relates to Easter. Some simple Easter words you can use are: “resurrection”,”He_is_risen”, “God_is_Good”, “Easter_Sunday” etc

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    #3 Easter Activity - Hoppity Hop (3-5 years old)

    Toddlers will love this hopping activity game. Since this game is for the very young, there should be sufficient adult supervision (max 2 kids to 1 adult) to ensure safety of your kids. This could be played after dinner/bath-time and wearing their Easter bunny pajamas.

    • designate a starting point eg living room then placed giant A4 rabbit paw prints (in EFG Package 2022) on the floor from the room to the next
    • Each child wears rabbit ears and rabbit slippers before the start of the game.
    • You may use the same story as in the above paragraph for these kids but leave out the urgency. We want the young kids to take their time having fun hopping alongside the paw prints from one room to another.
    • In each room, the kids will look for 1-3 eggs and place them in a basket (carried by the adult). The Easter eggs must all be placed at the child’s eye level and within reach but hidden behind other objects. 
    • SAFETY - ensure there are no pots or cups with liquids or electrical equipment turned on in the room 
    • After each room, another adult will reuse the paw prints and place them from that room to another designated room for the child to find more eggs. All in all, you may wish to plan to hide 1-2 eggs each in 3-4 rooms. By then, your child would be exhausted. Make sure that your child is properly hydrated after each search.
    • At the end of the game, let your child open the eggs to reveal their sweets to keep. You can take this opportunity to teach them counting and matching colours and shapes of the sweets.
    • #Idea11 - you can include a sticker which they can collect and paste in a sticker book to mark their achievement.

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    #4 Easter Egg bowling (young kids/adults)

    Easter Egg bowling is great for all ages from toddlers to the elderly (provided they are mobile)

    What do you need?

    • 10x 500ml water bottle
    • 10x tennis balls
    • Cut-out printable bunny head & tape/glue
    • recommended marbles as weights.(x3 in each bottle)
    • Prizes

    Let's begin..

    1. Print the rabbit head & ears (in EFG Package 2022) on white hard paper Paste them on the side of an empty 500ml water bottle top to look like a rabbit (glue/tape).
    2. You can spray paint the bottles with white acrylic paint to make it more aesthetic (optional). These will be the bowling pins. Create x10 pins.
    3. Fill each pin with some marbles or about 100 ml of water as weight so as to lower the centre of gravity and make the pins stand upright.
    4. You can use tennis balls as the bowling ball. Prepare 10x tennis balls for the game.
    5. Designate a bowling alley - a 2-3m level pathway, preferably inside the house as weather may greatly affect the gameplay. Line the side of the alley with a wooden pole/plank to ensure that the ball does not roll away.
    6. The player who rolls the ball will have to reset the pins for the next player. Adults can help the very young kids to reset the pins.
    7. You can customise your own scoring matrix to suit your family fun needs. 

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    #5 Easter Colouring Book Activity

    Colouring is a great engaging activity for many young children (and some adults too). You can use the printable Easter Colouring printouts in the EFG package 2022 for your children or these colouring books.

    Download this EFG (Easter Fun Games) Package 2022 NOW!

    • #Idea12 - You can organise an "Most Aesthetic" or "Most Colourful" colouring contest and let the two most elderly adults in the the house to judge the competition.

    #6 Easter Crossword Puzzle/Word Search Activity

    Challenge your grey matter with crossword puzzles and search for words mysteriously hidden amongst many alphabets. Speaking of mystery, do you know the 9 shocking truths about Easter?

    You can use the Easter  printouts included in the EFG Package 2022 these crossword puzzles or word search books.

    • #Idea13 - You can orgnaise a time limit challenge for selected puzzles. The winner will be awarded an Easter prize (depending on whether for adults or young kids).

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    Easter Balloon Activities

    Almost everyone loves to play with balloons on Easter. Why not? They look just like Easter eggs! Unless you are skilled in balloon modeling, you can play the following fun action games using balloons or Easter bunny balloons :

    #7 Butt-Bursting, Feet Stomping Balloon Bursting Game

    What do you need?

    Bursting balloons can be fun for many and horror for some, especially for those who are afraid of balloon noises.  The game is simply to determine how fast a player can burst 10 balloons using a given technique (using your butt or feet). This game should be played indoors unless you start filling the balloons with coloured water or powder.

    • Frist, start by drawing happy bunny faces or Easter eggs on the deflated balloons using a black marker before blowing them
    • Blow up 10x balloons per player, to the size that almost covers an adult head. 
    • Decide and choose one of the following methods of bursting the balloon :  use belly, butt, head or feet only. Start the timer. The timing stops when the player has burst all the 10x  balloons with the prescribed method. 
    • #Idea14 - you can fill the balloons with water/coloured water or coloured chalk powder or sweets (for young kids) for extra laughs. However, do let them change into something more comfortable first. Play this game in the outdoors. Or risk the wrath of the Queen of the House!

    #8 Easter Balloon Egg Body Race

    What do you need?

    • 10x normal balloons
    • 1x Balloon pump or a pair of Super Lungs
    • prizes

    Balloon Relay Race

    This team based race simply involves transporting ONE blown up balloon from one point to another by 2 players.

    The catch is that the players can only use their bodies and not their hands or legs. This is best played outdoors. However, you may change the rules to increase the challenge eg. move only by hopping on one leg.

    • Idea#15 - you can specify body parts eg. using butts only or must be different part of the body eg. belly and head OR face and butt only
    • Idea#16 - you can fill these balloons with water/coloured water to get hilarious results when they burst them
    • FAQ - when the balloon bursts, the pair will run back to the starting line either to restart or for the next pair to begin.


    #9 Wet the Rabbit - Water Balloon Battle 

    What do you need?

    • 2x toilet rolls (1x toilet roll per team)
    • 100x small water balloon bombs
    • 2x outdoor chairs/stools
    • 2x buckets (each bucket contains x50 bombs per team)
    • Prizes

    This strategy team-based game (>4 players per team) is best played outdoors as almost everyone will get wet. The goal of the game is to protect their team bunny rabbit  (represented by one of the team members) from getting wet. Each team bunny will stand opposite to each other, on a chair/stool, about 5-10 m apart. 

    How to Play?

    • Each team (>4 players) will assign one player to be the bunny. The team will use 1x toilet roll to wrap and “mummify” the team bunny player. 
    • Each team will be given 50 water bombs (water filled balloons). Players will try to soak the opposing team bunnies by throwing these water bombs at them.
    • Players cannot snatch bombs from the other players. Player can only use their bodies to take the hit and shield their team bunny from getting wet.
    • Every player can only carry 1x bomb at a time and can run anywhere on the battlefield. There should not be any physical contact between each player.
    • At the end of the battle (or after 10 mins), the most senior in the house will evaluate which team bunny is drier. The team with the drier bunny wins the prize.
    • #Idea17 - all participants should receive a prize like simple candy .The winning team gets a double/triple portion. This way, no one feels left out.

    Easter Egg Team Race 

    This team race can be fun because now, real raw eggs are used instead of balloons.

    What do you need?

    #10 Belly Easter Egg Race

    Similar to the balloon body race, this race involves 2 players from the same team transporting 5 eggs (one at a time) from one point to another, using only their bellies to hold the egg cargo. The fastest team to transport all 5 eggs wins.

    • FAQ - when the egg falls onto the ground (without cracking), the pair stops where the egg has dropped. The pair picks up the egg and position it on the bellies and resume the race.
    • FAQ - when the egg falls off and break, the pair shall run back to the start point and begin again with a new egg.

    #11 Wheelbarrow Easter Egg Race

    Human Wheelbarrow

    One player lies on the floor in a push-up position. The partner will hold the legs up, making the first player into a human wheelbarrow. The goal of this game is to transport 5 raw real eggs using the human  wheelbarrow, moving from one point to another. The fastest team to transport all 5 eggs wins

    • FAQ - when the egg falls onto the ground (without cracking), the pair stops where the egg dropped. The pair picks up the egg and placed it in position on the human wheelbarrow and resume the race.
    • FAQ - when the egg falls off and break, the pair shall run back to the start point and begin again with a new egg.

    #12 Spoon (x1) Easter Egg Race (Kids/Adults)


    This is a classic game played almost everywhere. The player places an egg on the spoon in his mouth and balances the egg from point A to B without dropping the egg.  The fastest team to transport x5 eggs wins. Younger kids may hold the spoons in their hands instead.

    • Idea#18 - to make it more challenging, the game may include transferring the egg from one spoon held by one player to another without using their hands.
    • FAQ - when the egg falls onto the ground or cracked during transit, players would then need to run back to the start line for the next player/s to continue the race. 
    • FAQ - once a player successfully reaches the end point and transported the egg safely, they will run back to the start line for the next pair to continue the race.

    Egg Painting

    What do you need?

    #13 Classic Egg Activity - Egg Painting

    egg painting

    You can use hard boiled eggs/ hollowed egg shells/ plastic eggs. This will help prevent mess especially when used by young kids.

    You can use the original colour of the egg or different background colours with food dyes. Something bright will be the best. You can then use acrylic paints or food dyes to paint your designs on your Easter eggs.



    What's the Easiest way to Dye Your Easter Eggs?

    1.  Mix into cups (big enough to contain an egg) x1 tablespoon of vinegar, x8 drops of coloured dye and fill half the cup with water.
    2. Add your hard-boiled egg into each cup, fully submerged for 5 minutes 
    3. Remove the coloured eggs and dry them in paper towels

    dyeing Easter Eggs

    Dyed Eggs

    These coloured eggs are perfect!! You can then use them for your own designs using a marker pen or acrylic paint.


    #14 Egg Marble Painting

    Marbelising an egg is one of the most interesting egg painting methods that your child could try at home (under adult supervision).  But the results are amazing!

    marbelised dyed easter eggs

    We start off with the above #13 dyed eggs.

    1. In each bowl, add and mix about 3 cm of water (or enough to just half submerged an egg), 8 drops of food dye and 1 tablespoon of cooking oil (vegetable or olive is also fine)
    2. Use a spoon and add the coloured egg into the bowl with a different dye.
    3. Roll and mix the egg with the mixture and leave it in the bowl for 4 minutes.
    4. Roll the egg again and let it sit for another 4 minutes. 
    5. Remove the eggs and placed them to dry on a paper towel.

    marbelising dyed easter egg

    marbelised easter eggs

    • Idea#19 - You can try placing the coloured eggs in different bowls to create multi-coloured marbled eggs
    • Idea#20 - suggested colours include red, green, yellow and blue. However, you may wish to experience with other coloured food dyes eg. pink


    #15 Easter Egg Bingo Game

    What do you need?

    • Print and cut out all Bingo printables (1 Bingo card per player)
    • 10x marker pens (1x per player)
    • 1x woolen/cloth bag to hold the call-list
    • Prizes

    Bingo is also one of my favourite Easter games especially amongst the elderly and children. Players win when the numbers called, match the numbers on their bingo cards horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You can try the free printables in EFG2022 or this.

    How to Play?

    1. Print out the Bingo cards found in the EFG Package 2022 and distribute to the players.
    2. Print out the call-list numbers. Cut them up and placed them inside a bag. The host shall randomly pick a number from the bag and call out eg. "N-35" for each round.
    3. Players will check their bingo card and strike out the number if it matches with the number called by the host
    4. The first player with all numbers struck out horizontally or vertically or diagonally on the their Bingo card, will shout "BINGO" and win a prize
    • Idea#20 - Parents can use Bingo to teach young kids to recognize and match numbers and letters
    • FAQ - The host can use the uncut call-list to monitor which number has been called.

    Subscribe and download this EFG (Easter Fun Games) Package 2022

    #16 Egg Piñata (for young children only)

    What do you need?

    • 3x Piñata (or use x5 balloons of optional game)
    • 1x plastic baseball bat (depending on age of the kids)
    • 1x ball of twine string
    • location to hang piñata with enough room for kid to move around

    Children love playing the Piñata.  A chosen child is blind folded and given the opportunity to hit the Piñata with a bat until it breaks. This can be played as a team or individual.

    • Idea#21 - instead of a Piñata, you can insert sweets into balloons and blow them up. Adopt the game mechanics of the balloon bursting game #7 and you are set to go. Great fun for young active children.


    #17 Steal the Easter Bunny (Team-based game)

    This game is based on the same game mechanics used to play Battleship. It can be played by teams of 3-4 players or 1v1. The objective of this game is for a team to steel the rabbit and as many Easter eggs as possible from the opposing team/s. An adult will moderate the game.

    What do you need?

    • Print & cut out all printables for the Steal the Bunny Game
    • 2x Black markers
    • prizes

    Each team is first given the "Steal The Easter Bunny" game printables from the EFG Package 2022. This includes :

      • x1 "The Easter Island" (A4)
      • x4 Easter Egg cards (A5) and
      • x1 Easter Rabbit (A5).   

    Download this EFG (Easter Fun Games) Package 2022 NOW!

    • Using a marker pen, each team will write their team name on all their printouts 
    • Each team will secretly draw 4x Easter eggs (represented by a Oval) and 1x Bunny (represented by a star) randomly, each on any of the empty boxes in the grid of "The Easter Island" printable. The gird must be kept secret at all times. Only the moderator can view "The Easter Island" grid of each team.
    • The starting team is determined by coin toss.
    • Each team will take turns to shout out the coordinates on the grid of their enemy team and try to steal their eggs or bunny. The moderator will check and announce whether the attempt was successful or not.
    • When the shout out coordinate matches with the coordinate on the opposing team grid that has either a rabbit (star) or egg (oval) symbols, the steal was a success. For each successful steal, the team receives from the opposing team the corresponding rabbit or egg printable that is stolen.
    • The enemy team whose egg or rabbit has been stolen will strike it off their "The Easter Island" grid with a marker pen.
    • The winning team is the one who successfully steals all the rabbits and eggs from the opposing team. 
    • FAQ - if there are more than 2 playing teams, each team, on their turn, will decide which team to steal the egg/rabbits from.
    • Idea#22 - instead of using printouts to represent rabbits and eggs, you may use physical tokens like sweets of the same type/colour to denote eggs and larger items for rabbits. Once the opposing team has stolen an item, that item is thrown to the other team to keep. 
    • Idea#23 - when playing with more than two teams, you can allocate points for stolen rabbits and eggs. Each rabbit is allocated 5 points. Each egg is allocated 3 points. The team with the highest total score wins.
    • Idea#24 - to make it more interesting and strategic, you may include 3x “bear trap” symbol (draw sharp teeth) for each team to deploy on their grids. When the shout-out coordinate happens to land on a square with a “bear-trap”, the team that just shouted out, skips a turn.
    • Idea#25 - other variations can include having a deck of cards as random events represented by a “?” on the grid. Each team can allocate 3x”?” on their grid. Once the opposing team calls a coordinate that matches the “?” symbol, the defending team will draw the shuffled deck of cards to reveal the image and apply the effects as listed below.

    There are endless variations to this game. You can modify the random events to suit your needs or use the following basic effects listed below for your first battle:

    Random Events

    Card DrawnEffects
    Red Diamond (Any number)Allow player to change location of an egg on their grid (unless no egg is available on the grid)
    Black Spade ACEAllow player to change location of a rabbit or an egg on their grid (unless no rabbit/egg is available on the grid)
    Black Clubs (J or Q or K)Allow player to change location of the rabbit on their grid (unless no rabbit is available on the grid)
    Red Heart (Q)Allow player to change any ONE item availbale on the board
    Other CardsNo Effect

    #18 Easter Egg Challenge 1 - Guess number of Eggs or Jelly Beans in jar

    What do you need?

    This challenge is a simple challenge and is used as an opportunity to award bonus prizes to your guests. Just get a transparent jar and filled it up with a known number of chocolate eggs or jellybeans. You can use chocolate eggs in a separate jar for young kids so that they can try counting them. 

    You can instruct your guests to complete their names and predictions and place them in a bowl at any time but the  best time is when they arrive at your house. This way you will have more time to review their answers and decide on a winner. 

    FAQ - if there is a tie, play scissors, paper, stone to determine the winner. 

    #19 Easter Egg challenge - Can you identify which egg is hard-boiled, soft-boiled or raw? (young kids/teens)

    What do you need?

    • x3 raw eggs
    • x3 soft-boiled eggs (boiling water for 4 mins)
    • x5 hard-boiled eggs (boiling water for 10mins)
    • Prizes

    This simple challenge can be done just before the Easter Egg painting activity. As you all know, only the hard-boiled eggs can be spun easily on its head based of inertia and momentum (Physics) 

    For more challenge, you can ask your players to try categorized the eggs into raw, half-boiled and hard-boiled eggs!

    • First, give each team 10 eggs (random with 3 raw, 3 soft and 4 hardboiled)
    • Give them 5 minutes to examine and identify which eggs are raw, soft-boiled or hard-boiled. The winning team gets prizes.

    Idea#26 Another challenge is to see which team/players can spin a hard-boiled egg the longest on its head.  Each player is given 3 tries. The winner is awarded a prize.


    #20 Easter Egg challenge - Egg Shell Super Strength Discovery 

    What do you need?

    • 6x plastic bottle caps
    • 3x raw eggs
    • 1x hard cardboard or wooden plank
    • 1x large plastic container (TOYOGO)

    You can start this challenge by teaching players about the amazing structure of the egg and whether a real raw egg can hold a person’s/child’s weight if stepped upon. This challenge was adapted from Little Bins for Little Hands.

    1. Collect 6x bottle caps. Two bottle caps are glued on the top and bottom of a raw egg as shown below. This provides a means for the raw egg to stand upright. Egg Strength
    2. Do the same for two other eggs and place them on the floor and arrange them at three apexes of a triangle as shown below. Place a flat wooden plank or cardboard on top of the 3 supporting eggs. 
    3. You can start the challenge by placing weights on the plank and asking players if the egg will break. Then increase the weight and finally ask each player to stand on the plank to see if the eggs will break. Eggshell strength experiment Easter STEM 680x1020 1

    Challenge your teams to use any number of eggs to see how many eggs can support an adult!! You will be amazed. Please do this challenge in the outdoors or incur the wrath of your Queen of the House!!


    #21 Have You Seen an Easter Egg that can Bounce?

    Bouncy Easter Eggs

    What do you need?

    • 3x food dyes of different colours
    • 3x plastic cups
    • 1x bottle vinegar
    • 3x raw eggs

    Your kids will love this experiment. Create your Easter bouncy egg with the following steps:

    1. Add 10 drops of food dyes into a cup (cup must be big enough to contain an egg) and fill it at least 1/2 full with vinegar (enough to submerge the egg). Mix the content thoroughly.
    2. Do the same for two more cups but using two different colour dyes. Each cup will contain vinegar and a food colouring.
    3. Fully submerged three raw chicken eggs each into each of the three cups and allow the eggs to sit for 48 hours (4 days)
    4. After 48 hours, lightly pour away the solution and retrieve the 3 coloured eggs. The vinegar (acid) had reacted and stripped away the egg shell (calcium carbonate), leaving the membranous egg. 
    5. acid reaction with egg shellTake one of the egg and bounce lightly in a pan starting from about 10cm high. Let your child experiment with greater heights all within a ban or bowl to avoid the mess.
    6. Finally, once your child has finished playing with the egg, instruct your child to burst the egg with a sewing pin. The results are spectacular.

    Bursting Bouncy Egg

    We hope the list of activities and games has been useful. Please do email me if you need any clarification on how to play the game listed above.

    Which of the activities or games do you or your family or friends like the most?

    Let me know in the comments below. Happy Easter!!

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